Tuesday, 9 March 2010

South- West Border immigration issues

Pro immigration http://immigrationcounters.com/

This website shows illegal immigrates in different categories and how the numbers have gone up or down over the years, to show Americans how their country is being affected and used by these people. The website immigration counter refers to illegal immigrations as illegal aliens which make them seem like they are not people or that they have nothing in common to Americans or someone who is a legal immigrate. By using the word alien they are make these people seem like they are from another planet and something to fear and be scared of, which is a unfair category to put all illegal immigrates as some will be unpleasant as they will be criminals etc but not all will be, so could be people desperate for a chance at a better life. The focus of this website is to give Americans facts and figure that show them how illegal immigrates are bad for most part of the country and also it provides them with information to stop illegal immigration and how to tell someone about someone you think might be in America illegally.

This website ( the southern poverty law centre) talks about how in America there has been a debate about immigration for awhile but now it has become more. This as it is no longer just white Americans but also 'brown skinned immigrants' that are now becoming common among the anti-immigration activists. Like the above website some of the activists are starting to refer to the immigration coming across the border as 'criminal aliens' and 'cockroaches' make them seem inhuman and not worth any respect or sympathy. It then goes onto that the activists have started to become more more physical and psychological violent towards Latinos, and then list some personal experiences. This shows that the views are not changing but becoming stronger on this particular subject and in my opinion it shows that security during these protest towards Latinos maybe should be greater.

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