Thursday, 25 March 2010

"Crash" review

After watching the film Crash I felt that the view of LA was only one sided as, as a viewer we are only shown what was wrong with LA and not the good side also. As a viewer there were strong themes of racism, a class system, stereotyping, and crime. The idea that people in LA do not come in contract with one another until they crash into one another is very dominate through the car crashes, the gun crime, the human trafficking, and the racial discrimination between all races, not just white against all. During the course of the film there is a sense of that all the acts that happen are to benefit the character and that they all need each other to realise what needs to can in their own life's. This can be shown through the character of the racist cop who is racist to anyone who is not white like the doctor who could help his farther get better and the TV producers white were he feels her up after pulling them over because he feels he can. This representation of the LAPD is realistic as they are know as being riot police in every situation the are in. The film over all can be seen to be good as it shows a lot of problems that America still need to work on and it also shows that it does not matter who you are, where you come from, what you do, and the colour of your skin you are the same as everyone else and we can all help each other to become better versions of are self's. This idea can be shown in the scene were the little latino girl jumps in front of a blank for her farther and the Prussian character sees this act as an act of god seeing her as his angle.

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