Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Hispanic Immigration

Anti-Hispanic Immigration

This is a video Glenn Beck talking about the Law that was passed in Arizona making it illegal for businesses to hire illegal Hispanic immigrants. It is clear that Glenn Beck is against Hispanic immigration and he is happy with the law as he wants America to stay American and not become Spanish. He tells Hispanics to get their own country in order and "stop leeching off ours" and he says that they are "bleeding us dry". He says that Mexico said that it wouldn't be able to handle the amount of people in school, jobs and hospitals if they were deported back to Mexico, he says America can't handle that either. He criticises the Hispanics for making statements to the press over this issue in Spanish.

Pro-Hispanic Immigration

This website talks about two Professors from Texas who have written a book about the misconceptions of Hispanic immigration. They state for it is good that immigrants are willing to work the low paid jobs in order to work their way up to the higher paid job, achieving their American Dream. It says that 42 million Hispanics represent $3 trillion in economic activity showing that they are essential for making money for America. They say that the immigrants are willing to risk their life for the better opportunity of living in America, and the country should be flattered by this. However, they do say that Hispanics should learn English as it is the language of their country.

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