Thursday, 11 March 2010

Pro and Against Illegal Immigration

For my postings this week I have chosen two different websites set up by very different groups of me people set out to either help illegal immigrants or keep them out of the USA. I found both these websites very interesting to read with all the information and the active participation that the viewer of the website can do. On the Borderangels website you are able to leave donations to the cause and also gives a lot of information about the work they do on the border for all. The web page itself offers a lot of information about all aspects of the the organisation. It is a Mexican based group that is why the website is in Spanish so maybe it could be viewed as biased because it is Mexicans helping out fellow Mexicans. But non the less it is still a group designed to help prevent the unnecessary deaths of the people trying to make it too America due to dehydration and starvation. The border angels help feed and clothe the people on the long journey across the border.

The other website I have chosen shows a list of all the anti illegal immigration groups in America today and for example of some of the web pages that website can take you to I have chosen the mothers against illegal aliens which and the top depicts and typical looking mother holding her baby against the American flag as the background. This shows what they think they are doing is patriotic. The website goes on to show a few videos about the matter. Another website is the group called weneedafencse which views the illegal immigrants in a very negative light talking about how they are costing the tax payers billions. Similar to the borderangels website this page also has a box which allows you to donate money to there 'mission'. Also the website gives into detail about the 'problem' and also on a separate page about what the solution will be. and place to leave comments and also put in blog posts which means that this web page has created a community around its self. ( (

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