Friday, 19 March 2010

Present Native American Tribes

The first website i found was this one for the united tribes in Carolina. from the very top of the website you can tell that these tribes have been doing what ever it takes to keep there head up above water it terms of surviving in today's America. You can see from the top the projects and activities such as the film festival they have been holding for the past 10 years. however while appealing to tourists like much other tribes websites i have found this website provides allot of information about there hertiage and history. Carolina Indians seem very loyal to the blood and there land and it mentions how they have been on that land since 300 A.D.
Another aspect of the website if you click the link for volunteers it takes you to a page where you cant apply for jobs there rather they ask for you to donate money to the tribe.
However seeming what all the Indians tribes have been through since the first settlers and what the American government did to there decedents at the bottom of the page it says "Thank you for your support and God bless you and God bless America!" which i found interesting.

The other website i found seemed a bit more orientated around progressing the tribe and bringing it into the modern making money and becoming a business but it also seems to be trying to keep its heritage maybe to cover up there ways which would be viewed as very different from what the ancestors where like but in today's world there is no room for the nomadic Indians that once lived on the American soil. They have kept this hertiage with traditional Native American music playing in the background while you view the website also on the homepage there is a slide show if you go on to the directory link it shows you all members of the tribe and you can tell by the names how the whole tribe has been Americanised with all very western names. The web page does provide a small section about the tribes history however it is not much seeming these people are meant to be proud of there hertiage. maybe they feel it has held them back in life?

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