Thursday, 18 March 2010

Two Native American Nations

This site shows the Native American Nation of the Mashantucket-Pequot.They are the people who lived and stilled do in Southern Connecticut and have seen hardship such as in the Pequot war were many were killed or taken into slavery by other tribes, but then in 1651 they were given some land in the western part of Mashantucket called the Noank. also in the mid-1970s, tribal members had embarked on a series of economic ventures, in addition to instituting legal action to recover illegally seized land.With the assistance of the Native American Rights Fund and the Indian Rights Association, the Tribe filed suit in 1976 against neighboring landowners to recover land that had been sold by the State of Connecticut. The end result was that the tribe wasgranted the Tribe federal recognition, enabling it to repurchase and place in trust the land covered in the Settlement Act. Currently, the reservation is 1,250 acres.

This information shows that this particular tribe values the highs and lows that they have had to suffer to get to the position in American they are today. It also connotes the idea that by suffering in the pass can make a nation stronger and more willing to success in this case to get back land and make it legal. By having found this success they are now the owners of one of the biggest resort casinos in the world, the tribe is know to be the largest tax payer and as being the largest employer in Connecticut. As well as having success financially they have also achieve by having their own tribal council.

This is the website of the Hopi native american nation who are from Northern Arizona and still reside there today this day. This tribes homepage in different to the one above as it dose not talk about their history through their hardships and success as the one above, but about how they came about, where they first lived and about their way of life in the past and now in 2010. There are sections about their craft, religion, the landscape they live in, and their etiquette (objects that hold meaning to the tribe).

The tribe now are know as Americans oldest culture who depend on organisations to help by providing funds and labor to repair homes and build additions for the elderly and for those who genuinely do not have financial means to better their living conditions. This is accomplished through a joint effort with the Hopi families. This includes acts such as repairing roofs, give the tribe handicap access to certain part of the villages, and just building and restoring.

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