Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Devestating Effects of Hurricane Katrina on African Americans

I have chosen this site for my discussion because it mentions about the higher education of many African Americans and the devestating effects that hurricane Katrina had on this and also effecting the African Americans as a whole. It mentions that racism is very strong in Lousianna and New Orleans as there is a quote strongly referred to this.

"This became most apparent when three days after the hurricane, armed police from the predominantly white blue-collar community of Gretna prevented a large group of black pedestrians who were stranded in New Orleans from crossing a bridge into their city. "We were concerned about life and property," said Gretna mayor Ronnie C. Harris. "It was quite evident that a criminal element was contained in a crowd of probably mainly decent people."

This also shocked me as it said probably mainly decent people. Another thing and perhaps a very crucial issue that could have provoked African American communities is that of a rumour that the dikes were breached by white people. It is very strong that even though they are considered American and were eventually helped issues can still be seen within America's nation.

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