Wednesday, 10 March 2010

South West Border Immigration

I have chosen this site for my Pro because it talks about research that political scientists have done which has come to the conclusion that Hispanic immigration is not a threat to American Identity. It explains how this is true by describing within their research the Latino culture are adapting to the American way of life. I did notice however that someone left a remark on their page telling them that they should all grow up.

Im not sure if we can use this for the Anti but Ichose this because it is real Americans arguing with some Mexicans about the fact that they are basically sick of looking after Mexicans. While reading this forum I found that there was a lot of anger and insults directed to Mexicans, many about Latino birth rates and about how Mexico is strict about their policy of illegal immigrants but how they turn the other way when it is one of their own people sneaking into America.

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