Thursday, 18 March 2010

Two Native American Tribes

The site I have chosen is the site for the Seminole Tribe of Florida and the first quote that I came across was "The Seminole Tribe of Florida is a Federally Recognized Indian Tribe, the only tribe in America who never signed a peace treaty." They seem to take pride in the fact that they are the only tribe that did not sign the treaty. While looking through the site there are links that lead you to finding out about their culture and their history. The history consists of a time scale but dates have been picked out showing different times which were important to the tribe. For the present day situation the website consists of different links for a numerous set of activities, they present many shows and viewings so it could be seen that the tribes survival has depended on the tourist faction.

The other site that I found was for the Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, while looking through this site I found that the site was more formal than the Seminole site, it consists of different links looking at different aspects of the Shawnee community. For the history view the Shawnee tribe it is placed in order with pictures to accompany, it does not have a timeline like Seminole tribe and it is very detailed viewings. Also for the present situation it is mentioned what is happening to improve the Shawnee community tribe such as the recycling and composting project. It could be said that the Shawnee tribe is more informative about the tribe and could be seen as not trying to reach a full tourist attention

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