Thursday, 18 March 2010

Navajo and Blackfeet Tribes.

The first website I found was for the Navajo tribes. The title of the site is “Welcome to the Navajo nation government!” I found it interesting how the natives refer to themselves as nations apposed to minorities. It talks of their fight to sustain a viable economy to help their population which has come to around 250,000 people. The government was originally set up in 1923 to deal with the increasing desire for the Navajo land to be leased to oil companies for exploration. The site is full of interesting facts about the Navajo tribe, such as their language was used to create a secret code when in battle with the Japanese.

It keeps people informed of the events of the Navajo government, as well as upcoming events in the government. There also interestingly is a section titled jobs, which has links to services in the reserves.

The second website I found was for the Blackfeet tribe. What I found particularly interesting about this site was a quote on the top of the page which says, “The Blackfeet are, perhaps, the most powerful tribe of Indians on the continent.” The site has a section specifically for tribal members, which has different current issues on it. There is also a section about their government, which was created under the 1934 Indian Reorganisation Act. It contains amendments made to the constitution that are relevant to the tribe.

This website looks a lot more in dept at the tribe’s history, with resources such as a timeline and a page titled interesting facts. It states that the Blackfeet tribe are one of six nations out of 564 that still live on their ancestral land.

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