Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Welcome to our blog for AM1111.
Here's how it works:
1. Posting
Every week you need to make a post on the topic indicated in the module handbook. This must be done by 5pm Tuesday. (You may want to follow up the Monday session straightaway on Monday afternoon; there may be set reading that you have to do before you can do the blog.)

To blog, when you are signed in, select "new post" at the top right of the screen, a new post will come up and you can type in your text. The toolbar above your text lets you add images and links, or change the text, font, use italics, etc. When done, click "publish post." It is really easy - and if you get it wrong, you can always edit the post - just click on the little pencil you see underneath the published post to edit.

2. Reading and Responding
Collectively your blogs will form the basis of discussion in the small group meeting on Wednesday. So you need to read them all either Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, before 11. At this point please feel free to comment on one another's contributions, e.g. suggesting further material, ideas, etc.
3. Meeting
....is when we discuss the set topic in depth, using the blog postings as a foundation. 11am, Wednesdays, TAB203 (except for week 1, as discussed).
Any problems? Ask me. Jude.Davies@winchester.ac.uk

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